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          1. 歡迎來到幸福連城控股集團有限公司!

            房地產 金融 進出口


                   JINAN CHENGLIN PLASTIC PRODUCTS COMPANY LIMTITED is a joint venture specialized in manufacturing all kinds of plastic bags ,such as HDPE or LDPE printed Food bags, Flat bags ,Blocked bags, Bags with fragrance ,T-shirt bags on roll ,Star-sealed garbage bags, Vest bags on roll , C-fold bags on roll, Degradable plastic bags and various sheets, etc.
                   CHENGLIN was just established in 2000,whose mother company had been engaged in this line for over ten years .Now the registered capital is USD 1,000,000 and output is more than 10,000 metric tons per year at present .By virtue of the advanced equipments, endeavor of the staff and the super quality of our products, CHENGLIN has supplied the customers in U.K., France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands, U.S.A, and Australia, etc. and therefore gained the favorable international reputation and fame.
                   CHENGLIN has built up the perfect quality control system and got the Quality System Certificate CQC IS09001:2000 in 2004, which the Number is 010SQ10930ROM/3700, so during the whole production process we are sure to meet the satisfaction of our clients.
                   CHENGLIN has always been making the great efforts to develop the new products favorable for environments, with the purposes of supplying more convenience for the household life, beautifying the public surrounding, improving the world environment and maintaining the cleanness of the whole society.
                   We ,CHENGLIN would like to earnestly cooperate with you to promote the development of the plastic industry all the time.

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